As we all know, the broadband speeds across the Parish are currently the subject of much frustration. As a Parish Council we are working hard to do what we can to bring fibre optic services to as many homes and businesses as we can, as quickly as we can.

We will use this page to commincate more news on broadband in our area as and when we get any.

Update 29th December 2016

Good news! The cabinet in Matfen has now been switched on and orders are being accepted for local residents to upgrade to Superfast Fibre Broadband. If you would like to upgrade then we suggest that you contact your currrent provider.

Update 17th October 2016

BT Open Reach are still on track to deliver fibre to the Matfen cabinet in Q4 this year. You may have noticed that the new cabinet has already been installed in the village by the entrance to the cricket pitch. The electricity now needs to be connected up to this cabinet, the new fibre connected from Stamfordham and then we should be in business. That said, it is impossible to know the precise impact on every individual house in the Parish until it goes live. In simple terms, the closer you are to the cabinet the better service you might receive.

Update - 18th September 2015

A public meeting was held on Tuesday 15th September 2015 in Matfen Village Hall.

Fay Cooper from NCC and Simon Robeson from BT were both in attendance to give more information on what will be happening and when. It was confirmed that Matfen village itself will receive fibre services, expected to be completed between October - December 2016.

An interactive map is now live on the iNorthumberland website click here. If people have house specific enquires, these can be addressed to

Fay Copper also explained that NCC are working with Newcastle City Council and the Go Digital programme to deliver a superconnected voucher scheme to businesses - more details are available at: . Funds within this scheme are running out rapidly so we would urge any businesses to apply soon or ring the Go Digital team for more information.

Where people need more immediate solutions one answer might be to use satellite services. NCC currently partner with Avonline for this - more details are available at

Finally, NCC will also be looking at the possibility of including the Fenwick cabinet as part of the Phase 2 delivery. We will publish any updates on this here when we get any news.

We will of course also keep you updated with any further news about possible Phase 3 plans and any impact these might have on more outlying communities such as Ingoe & Ryal.